Dreamland Local Rules

1- Out Of Bounds (Rule- 27-1)

Beyond Any boundary wall, fences or line of white stakes.
At the 1st and 4th holes, the driving range (as defined by white stakes) is "Out Of Bounds".
At the 6th hole, the boundary is defined by the line of white stakes and the left hand margin of the water hazard. Note: When playing the 3rd hole, the boundary stakes are movable obstructions.


2- Water Hazard (Rule 26-1)a. Water hazard are indicated by yellow stakes.

Water hazard are indicated by yellow stakes.
Later water hazards are indicated by red stakes.
The margins of water hazard and lateral water hazard are defined by the grass edges. Where on grass edges are in existence, i.e. there are only rocks or sand, the margin is defined by the stakes.
At the 4th hole, the margin is defined by the grass edge by the grass edge of the water hazard and the outside face of the retaining wall of the greenside bunker. A player may proceed under rule 26-1, or, as an additional option, he may drop a ball, under penalty of one stroke, in the dropping zone provided.


3- Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)

Artificially surfaced rods and paths (including any line of rock edges and paths), sprinkler heads, irrigation units, drip irrigation pips, tee markers, staked trees, light fixtures and yardage markers.


4- Ground under repair (Rule 25-1)

Marked by white lines or other appropriate marking.


5- Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions (Rule 24-1)

Note: waste areas are through the green and are not bunkers.

Notes to competitors:
Yardage markers Indicate distance to the center of the center of the green. If in doubt about a ruling, pleas apply Rule 3-3 (playing a second ball).