Course guide

Using the link bellow you can download and install to your phone a Java course guide application from Dreamland golf & Tennis Resort. After clicking on the link, the download and install will start automatically.
- Course guide
If your phone has a built in navigation or you are using external (bluetooth) GPS, then try this.
- GPS Course guide
After the installation you can find our application in the telephone Applications menu.
Note: Start up of the GPS device vary depends on the phone type, and may take several minutes.

Easy to operate. "One hand operation"

Use OPTION or MENU to select between commands
Use NEXT and BACK to navigate (the arrow keys can also be used)
Use SELECT to zoom in or out (use the arrow keys to navigate in the zoomed picture)
If you are not zoomed in you can use RIGHT & LEFT to move between holes.
Use * to change between normal or full screen view.
INFO command will give you info about each hole.

Club management